Water Music on the Beach

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Saturday, June 25

Lane Beach, 5915 N. Sheridan Rd

Listen to the sounds of Lake Michigan like you’ve ever heard them before. This event is part variety show, part live music performance and part experimental art showcase, and it features compositions and scoring inspired by Lake Michigan.

Water Music on the Beach is an annual series of live performances. This summer – with Boulevard Dreamers – we connect performers and audiences in Edgewater, Rogers Park, and Uptown. 

The event starts at 6018 N Kenmore Ave at 3 PM with a Boulevard Dreamers Portrait preview. At 3:45 PM together, we will walk to the beach. Beach performances starting at 4 PM.

A weird, wonderful beachfront variety show pays tribute to Chicago culture


On a blisteringly hot June morning inside the Edgewater arts nonprofit 6018North, the Chicago artist and dancer Hannah Santistevan grabbed a pink and red paint-splattered turntable record and began to gracefully move.

Posing for the camera, Santistevan hoisted the record high above her head and positioned it in such a way that it almost blended in with the backdrop: a circle of 14 other vibrantly paint-covered albums. The records evoke a sense of color and play, but also serve as an ever-expanding archive of a decade-long art project that comes to a head later this month with a beachfront concert and variety performance.