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All your favorite APOCALYPSTICK colors, now in one handy travel size palette! 

Le Confort Moderne has the pleasure to announce the publication APOCALYPSTICK by Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist and writer Lise Haller Baggesen (DK 1969) to accompany the artist’s first major solo exhibition in France.


The richly illustrated publication focuses on two of Baggesen’s main bodies of works – Mothernism and WIP[FOTZEPOLITIC] – bookending ten years of production centering on intergenerational feminism, alternatively combining D.I.Y fashion, painting, science-fiction, disco, and care work, with body politics and philosophy, to fly a feminist freak flag, cleverly and tenderly inscribing its own story.


Super High End Underground - Instagram Post Kvadrat 02.png

Super High End Underground is the title of a group exhibition that focuses on the meeting between art and fashion in an attempt to uncover aesthetic trends and activist movements that straddle the two domains. The exhibition includes contributions from Ava Samii, Johan Bech Jespersen & Miriam Kongstad, Rasmus Myrup, Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, Andreas Emenius & Henrik Vibskov, Hannah Toticki, Noah Umur Kanber and Lise Haller Baggesen.


Copenhagen is the focal point for a creative nerve that connects the visual arts with avant-garde fashion. Fashion week in Copenhagen twice a year has put the city on the world map, which attracts many curious visitors who flock to experience the designers' new collections. But where do the designers get their inspiration from? And how do visual artists use fashion in their expression?

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