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September 25 &26 and October 2 & 3 Palminsano Park We are excited to announce the Chicago premiere of HATORADE RETROGRADE: THE MUSICAL. All shows begin at 4pm and are free and open to the public. In order to fully enjoy the show — including the amazing score by avery r young and Jonathan Ross — you will have to reserve a “silent disco” headset in advance. The Chicago edition will feature a site specific choreography by Erin Kilmurray as executed by our killer cast, starring Sarah Ellen Miller, Maria Blanco, Alix Schillaci, Rahila Coats, Karielle Williams, Hannah Santistevan and Sojourner Zenobia, and our expert youth guides Alex, Ricky, Brooks and Eleanor, will lead the audience through the performance for maximum enjoyment — it's a walk in the park and I hope to see you there!

Please note: Due to the "silent disco" headphone system, reservations are required and free tickets are limited to 50 attendees per day. Please only reserve the number of tickets you plan to use, and return the reservations if you are no longer able to attend the performance . The show is brought to you by Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago, which also hosted the exhibition Museums of Future Past Times Present: Hatorade Retrograde The Musical from February 5–March 26, 2021 and perpetually viewable online here.

After a successful run of Hatorade Retrograde: The Musical the full video and trailer are now live on my site! If you weren't able to attend the live performance, or better yet even if you were, you can tune in at the link below to watch anytime.


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