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HATORADE RETROGRADE, a dystopian vision of the U.S. anno 2033, debuted at Threewalls (IL) in 2016, with an Artforum Critic’s Pick: “As if the world had fallen apart but the party persisted, this moody boutique peddles a survivalist feminism that cuts across styles, layering glam with grunge, pop with punk.” The autonomous sequel, HATORADE RETROGRADE: The Musical imagines the Bay Area in 2069. Produced by Southern Exposure (CA) and Gallery 400 University of Illinois Chicago. It premiered at McLaren Park in San Francisco in 2019 and traveled to Gallery 400 in Chicago (IL) in 2021. The femi-futurist extravaganza was reviewed in Art Practical: “In blending 1960s counterculture nostalgia and futuristic fiction, the performance imploded the boundaries between speculative narrative and the surreal elements of reality.”

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