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A Refusenik is a portable and wearable TAZ (temporary autonomous zone) designed to remove/distance oneself from the (political) situation at hand. They can be displayed as banners or worn by an individual, a couple, or a collective body. Put it on and just say no.

The design is inspired by a pantomime horse, part jockey shirt and part horse blanket, as well as heraldic patters from the middle ages and the willfully “unflattering” silhouette of (uncorseted) reform dresses. The first 11 Refuseniks were created during the residency “Body as Site” at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, which coincided with the inauguration of the 45th American presidency, and were developed as a survival blanket strategy for the next four years.

This video is produced as part of the MCA exhibition The Long Dream and premiered during The Dreamscape on January 16, 2021. 

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