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Art, Ethics, and the Anthropocene

Organized by Natalie S. Loveless & Sheena Wilson

At University of Alberta, Edmonton

"The three days of the colloquium brought together an interdisciplinary and international roster of voices (artistic and academic) on feminist art and the maternal, including one of the most prominent figures in the field of feminist art, history, and theory as our keynote speaker, Griselda Pollock. In addition we launched the third New Maternalisms exhibition, New Maternalisms Redux, at the UofA's FAB Gallery, screened Irene Lusztig’s award winning the Motherhood Archives at the Garneau Theater (together with two short films: Gina Miller’s Family Tissues and the world-premiere of Sheena Wilson’s PetroMama), and held the entire colloquium within a Mothernism Installation produced for the event by the internationally acclaimed Danish artist Lise Haller Baggesen. Together these events, and the publications that are being developed from them represent an important contribution to the specialized world of maternal art and theory, by opening its debates up to climate change — one of the most pressing issues facing artists and scholars today."


New Maternalisms: Redux was produced as documentation of the colloquium; containing essays about participating artists as well as a conversation between Lise Haller Baggesen and Natalie Loveless.

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