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Terrain DK for Terrain Biennale 2015


Press Release

GOLD is the first and only exhibition scheduled at TERRAIN DK, to concur with the TERRAIN BIENNIAL 2015, as well as the golden wedding anniversary of Jubsi and Laust Baggesen, who will host the exhibition in the garden of their home at Lyngdalen 21 in Viborg.

The exhibition will be open from August 23rd till September 30th, and will be visible from the street. Tours by appointment only, please contact Jubsi or Laust Baggesen:

GOLD will celebrate LOVE in its many-splendored variations and manifestations, from the domestic to the orgiastic, the co-dependent to the self-reliant, the fleeting to the durational.

Participating artists

Iris Bernblum Yvette Brackman Jessica Caponigro Kirsten Leenaars

Curated by
Lise Haller Baggesen


Iris Bernblum’s contribution to the TERRAIN BIENNIAL DK will be strung gold text spanning the length of the roof in honor of the golden anniversary “TAKE ME WITH YOU."

Yvette Brackman’s red-hot CAMP (1999) is an invitation to inmate encounters between lovers and beautiful strangers, considering the seat as social positioning. The work is in the collection of Krabbesholm Højskole who has generously lent id to the exhibition.

For GOLD Jessica Caponigro will screen-print a golden wallpaper, to cover the entire interior of the old playhouse, present at on the exhibition site. Partly sheltered from the elements, the semi-permanent work will deteriorate over time, while intensifying in beauty. Caponigro says about her work: “I'm interested in how paper degrades through weathering and the democracy of printmaking though the non preciousness of the multiple. The idea of wallpaper is especially interesting to me when it exists in domestic or non traditional art spaces.”

For the golden anniversary and opening reception Kirsten Leenaars has created the ten-minute performance piece “the Golden Boy” Exploring the psychology and desires of a golden boy. The script was developd with, and will be performed by, Adam Ross

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